What is a limited edition print?

A limited edition print is a reproduction taken from an original painting. It is a limited edition by the fact that only so-many copies are made, this can be as little as 10 or as many as tens of thousands. The fewer the edition the rarer the print is. The print run is a one of and once all the prints are sold no more are made.

What is the GAvA or the ASAA?

GAvA. is the Guild of Aviation Artists, a group of probably the best aviation artist in the United Kingdom. If you are a budding aviation artist then this is an organisation you aspire to be recognised by. The ASAA is the American Society of Aviation Artists, the North American version of GAvA. John Young, Anthony Cowland and Ronald Wong are all very highly regarded artists within the GAvA, with Ronald Wong also a member of the ASAA.

Do you ship to countries outside the UK?

Yes we do, over the years we have delivered prints to countries all over the world. The prints are extremely well packed so they will arrive at their destination in A1 condition.

Do I have to add postage and packing to the price?

No you do not. All the postage and packing is included in the price even to countries outside the UK.

How are the prints shipped?

They are sent rolled in a very strong cardboard tube. The print itself is wrapped in acid free tissue paper to protect the image and then rolled with another layer to further protect the print. End caps are taped down with a further protection of tissue at either end of the tube. Receipts and Certificate of Authenticity are also enclosed in the tube.

Can I send a print as a gift?

Yes you can. We can send the print direct to a person of your choice with a personal message* be it happy retirement, happy birthday etc with best wishes from yourself. The receipt will be sent separately to you the purchaser. (* We reserve the right to refuse messages that we feel may be rude, inappropriate or offensive to either ourselves or the person you are sending the print to).

How many prints do you send in a tube?

The maximum prints we will send in one tube are two. If you order more than that we will send them in more than one tube.

Do you offer a framing service?

No we don’t. You can however get your print framed at your local framing shop where you will get advice on the hundreds of frame styles available on the market. Our advice when framing is to either single mount or double mount your print so the image is not directly against the glass. Also as a guide pick a colour in the print for the mount colour and choose the frame to suite your room.

Where should I not hang my print?

There are certain places you should never hang your print or any other picture for that matter. Never on a wall which is subject to direct sunlight. No printing process known to man can stand up to the fading that occurs when direct sunlight is inflicted on it over a period of time. Never over a source of heat such as a room heater or radiator as this tends to warp the mounts and makes your framed print look rippled. Never expose your print to moisture such as a bathroom or kitchen.

I want to collect prints but do not intend to get them framed how is the best way to store them?

Once you receive your print carefully remove it from the tube and packing. Unroll your print very carefully and check that you are happy with it. Replace the layer of tissue over the surface and place a weight evenly over the surface to straighten out your print. A few books should be enough for this. Leave it for a day or two and your print should then be flat. Store your print in a dry place away from dirt or dust that may scratch the image.

I have a question about a print that does not appear here. What shall I do?

You can contact us at SAPI by email at info@sapiart.com

What is a Remarque?

A remarque is a sketch personally drawn by the artist on the white border of the print. These are very popular with collectors as they greatly enhance the value of their limited edition print. A very small number of these are generally made available as the time taken to draw them is limiting.

What is a Special Remarque?

A special remarque is unique to us at SAPIart. It is the chance to commission your own very individual sketch by the artist which will appear on the white border of the print. It will be larger with more detail than a regular remarque and will only be created once on that print run. Due to the nature of this product it is very time consuming and therefore only five will be made available for each limited edition with this option.

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