“H.M.S. Pickle Bringer of News”


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H.M.S. Pickle under the command of Lieutenant John Lapenotièr brings back to England news of the great victory off Cape Trafalgar on the 21st October 1805 and that of the sad loss of Lord Nelson.
Artist: Richard Grenville
Size of image: 40cm x 29cm
Limited edition of just 200

After the Battle of Trafalgar on the 21st of October 1805 Admiral Cuthbert Collingwood now in command of the ships that fought the battle and their prizes sent Lieutenant John Lapenotièr to carry the dispatches aboard H.M.S. Pickle back to the citizens of England who eagerly waited word of what had occurred. Leaving on the 26th of October after the great storm that followed the battle the little schooner would endure more rough weather and gales in the nine days it took to reach Falmouth. Taking in water the men had to constantly man the pumps to keep her from being swamped and had to throw overboard four carronades to lighten the vessel. Flying her ensign at half mast she had to avoid contact with any enemy ship to ensure the safe arrival of the dispatches entrusted to her. Leaving her at Falmouth on the morning of the 4th of November Lieutenant Lapenotièr completed the rest of the journey by post-chaise coach as the wind was against H.M.S. Pickle in the English Channel. At 1am on the 6th of November he arrived outside the Admiralty. where Lord Barham the First Lord was woken to receive the news. The nation was rightly proud and relieved to hear of the outstanding victory but heartbroken at the death of their hero Lord Nelson. Lapenotièr was promoted to Commander and was later received by King George III and Queen Charlotte.

This stunning limited edition fine art print of just 200 shows H.M.S. Pickle carrying as much sail as she dare in the rough gale force weather off the coast of France. Beautifully painted by the marine artist Richard Grenville this is a must for the serious maritime art collector. Released as the third Limited edition print to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar, it is an excellent edition to the H.M.S. Victory and H.M.S. Royal Sovereign prints that we published earlier in the year.

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